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We don’t brag about number of interviews and other unwanted claims, we deliver what you’re looking for, a guaranteed.

Your all-in-one solution for resumes and cover letters. Our award-winning resume and letter applications will help your customers create best-in-class documents. Professionally certified samples, flexible document creation options, and one-click styling make our tools something your users shouldn't do without.

What is Employrr ?

Employrr is a one stop solution for job hunting and job posting, which makes finding jobs easy for the job seekers and finding candidates easy for the recruiters. This online career and recruitment resource provides a great edge for employers and relevant jobs for the jobseekers across industry level and geography.

What we do ?

Employrr is best Job Search Website which offers a lot more benefits than a job posting websites provides. It offers you with referral job hiring by which you get direct hiring through your referrals. You get curated job search when you login to Employrr. It even provides job contests for every job posts which helps the employers to hire the best employee for the required post.

Powerful Job Hunting & Recruiting Website Strategic Organizations

Seamless Workflows
  • Unified recruiting & referral hiring
  • Branded Jobs Website
  • Candidate tool for creating profiles
  • Email and calendar integration
  • Customizable interview kits
  • Lever Nurture
Intuitive analytics
  • Robust set of pre-built reports
  • Beautiful data visualization
  • Over a dozen advanced filters
  • Email and calendar integration
  • Powerful and secure APIs
  • Lever Talent Intelligence new
Effortless collaboration
  • Single source of truth
  • Fast to login and learn
  • Mobile-ready interview feedback
  • Robust offer approval workflows
  • Enterprise-grade access controls
  • Integrated Recruiting and HR systems