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There are many benefits of using Employrr:

  • You get curated jobs for both freshers as well as professionals. This means that you will get the maximum quality job search or suggestions which are being made to you.
  • You will get better referrals and discover employee referred jobs via genuine connections, career services which are recommended to employers to job seekers.
  • The contest allows the jobseekers and professionals to get their dream job for the dream companies.
  • You can hire top talents within your timeline and only the best candidates can identified by the algorithms and curated by humans and you are ready for the interview. Finding and hiring talents is very challenging situation thus we hire smart teams who can understand how to create pitch for the order and make top hiring.

Employrr provides you with the right job which matches your interest and when you become a registered user on Employrr then you get the following benefits :

  • You get access to more than 1 lakh jobs at only one click
  • You can store or you can access to your resumes online.
  • Your resumes gets viewed by thousands of reuiters and who will contact you for the advertised jobs.
  • You can create multiple and customized job profiles and can even apply for the job with the help of most relevant profile.

To post your resume in Employrr you need to first register yourself after this you will receive a mail which you need to confirm this will redirect you to the login page. After you get the login to your account open the profile page from where you can add details and can upload your resume. It is highly recommended that you should fill all the details in order to make strong profile on Employrr so that you present the recruiters a resume which is comprehensive and help you to get the job easily.

You can edit and update your profile after login to Employrr and after this click on the profile option. Here you can edit or update your profile information. Mostly recruiters gets attracted to those candidates who have recently updated their profiles.

You need to click on “Forgot Password” link which you will find at login page. In order to retrieve back your account password for which you need to mention your email address which you specified at the registration time. Then you need to click on the confirmation mail with the password and click on the reset password which is sent you directly at your inbox.

Employrr does not charge a single penny to you for posting resume or creating a profile on it.

Every Employrr can see your resume and some of your public information also.

Employrr provides you with this option where you can select a company to which you don’t want to reveal your resume. After you log on to your account you need to go to your profile page where you will get a brief summary of your account and you will get an option to block the companies. This process will redirect you to the list of companies which are registered on the To do this you need to select the name of the current companies and click on the block companies which will ensure that the present Employer no longer has the access to your resume.

On the basis of your requirement you can look for relevant jobs. You can use the given search window to search for the job. You may also use the following criteria to search for a relevant job.

Key Skills
You can enter the number of experience for what you have worked for and let you find the jobs matching your desired job function.
You need to mention the cities of the country where you want to work depending upon the preference. The search results displays only the result of the jobs which is based upon your mentioned specified location.

To get the refined search you need to make use of “Refine your Search” which is present at the result page. According to the criteria you have entered you can search the result of the jobs which matches your requirements. This “Refine your Search” option provides you the result on the basis of criteria which you provide.

1. Jobs on the basis of industry

2. What is the functional area

3. Date of job posting

You can browse and search for options which is relevant and is based on your specific job requirement. You can find the job on the basis of different categories, browse option, category specific search. Also there are a number of options which you can use to enhance your search.

You can find relevant jobs on the basis of specific requirements and to search for a job must use the search window to search for the job. It is recommended that you should specify the keywords and your preferred location with your experience in the industry in order to access job search which will be close to what you are looking for. In case you get hundreds of results you can narrow down your search by specifying the criteria. If you does not find any result then it is recommended that you can broaden your search just by entering into limited number of criteria.

There are two types of apply options which you get when you Apply for a selected jobs. You get two ways through which you can apply for a job:

  • Single Apply: You can apply for a single job at one time. Through this option you will be able to view complete job specification before you apply.
  • Multiple Apply: You can even apply for more than one job. All you need to do is select the jobs that you want to apply for click on the enable button and apply for multiple jobs this will automatically send a response to the recruiters simultaneously.

Without being registered with you can apply for any job vacancies. However it’s recommended that you should register first to apply for the job vacancies.

When you register with Employrr you are enable to :

1. You can store and even access your resumes online.

2. You can create your personalized job alerts

3. You can have a customized job profile

4. You can have account settings confidential

You can apply for multiple jobs at the same time. You can even send your resumes for the selected job vacancies as well as the recruiters.

If you have successfully applied for a job application then you will receive a mail or you can even look at the applied job section which is present at the top section.

The success of applied job vacancy totally depends upon future correspondence as it solely depends upon company.

You need to login on for creating your profile. After you have logged into your account you will see dummy image on the left side which you need to click, here you get some options. Among them click on the profile option. This profile option will redirect you to your Personal Information page where you can edit and add information.


If you are having problem when you are signing as Recruiter then please check:

  • Whether you are entering the correct username and password. Please note that the account details are case sensitive.
  • See whether the cookies are enabled on the browser.
  • May your JavaScript is not enabled on your browser.

If you are having problem when you are signing as Recruiter then please check:

  • Whether you are entering the correct username and password. Please note that the account details are case sensitive.
  • See whether the cookies are enabled on the browser.
  • May your JavaScript is not enabled on your browser.

You can directly report to us or either you can make use of online form from Contact Us page.

When it is urgent for you to fill a position then time is money. And every minute is worthy. And you need the most qualified job seekers for the post. For this you need to efficiently manage the incoming CVs and select the right person for the job thus you need an easy and reliable solution. This is what for which you are posting job on, which efficiently delivers you cost effective online hiring.

Posting a job on Employrr is very easy, you just need to follow these steps to manage one:

  • Firstly you need to register for an account on Employrr at Recruiter where you need to add your username and password.
  • This will send a confirmation email which you need to confirm for completing your signup process and this will redirect you to Employrr login page.
  • You just need to fill the username and password and you are done.

All jobs will remain active till 30 days from the date of posting.

To view your Usage summary of subscription plan after you login to recruiter dashboard then you just need go to your profile and scroll down to the “Upgrade Plan” and click and open the page, here you will get the Subscription Plans where you can see your current subscription plan as well as your usage summary how much job post is left, No. of Referral Response, No. of Job Contest Post are left etc.

It takes no time for a job contest to be visible on the site as soon as you post a job contest it will be seen on the site.

The jobs which was visible on the site becomes inactive on the site after the subscription is over. Still these job contests will never be deleted. You can renew your subscription and still get the benefits of the same.

You need to follow these steps to modify the job:

You need to login to your account and get this option under “Saved Contests”
  • Go to the Saved Contests option
  • Select the contest which you want to edit
  • Click on view
  • You will see the option Re-post from where you can delete your contest.
This will let you repost your job contest and let you edit your contests job. This will redirect you to the pre-filled job contest form where you can edit your job contests. After making the desired changes you can finally post your contest.

If you want to remove any job contest from the site then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Saved Contests option
  • Select the contest which you want to edit
  • Click on view
  • You will see the option Delete from where you can delete your contest.

For any job contests which you post on you need to choose and will receive applications in different ways:

  • Email: You directly receive the application on your email id when you post a job contest. If you get any response against your posted job contests then you will receive an email also.

You can filter the applicants according to their skills, salary package, or even can exclude any company or you can even exclude the location also. For this you need to go to search and search for any keyword and you will get a filtered result.

You can view the specific report on your account as well as users activities from the report section where you can see the report according to Job Name, Assign, seats, hired, status, shortlisted applicants. You can even download this report in form of MS Excel format.

To search and display for a resume you need to select an applicant whose ever resume you want. You will see an MS Word icon at the top right corner of the post, by clicking on it you can download the resume of the applicants.

You can get a list of different functional areas resumes such as according to the location, education qualifications or work experience etc. you can easily download them from the filter option. This filter option provides you filtered results according to your skills, salary or according to the experience of the applicants.